Michigan County Gives Over $1 Million to ‘Supreme Felons’ Group Led by Convicted Pedophile for Public School Outreach

Washtenaw County, Mich. is under fire for giving a grant of over a million dollars to a group led by a convicted pedophile and convicted murderer to do outreach in public schools.

The nonprofit group, Supreme Felons Inc., has received $1.2 million in federal ARPA funds from the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, according to reporting from the Ann Arbor Independent. The grant proposal indicates that part of the funds would allow Supreme Felons Inc. to “push-into” area public schools and expand their direct outreach to children.

While Supreme Felons Inc. is billed as a rehabilitation program for ex-convicts, it can be more accurately described as a shady front exploiting social justice insanity to soak up government dollars and gain access to children. The organization’s President are Alan Fuqua and Billy Cole, both of whom have despicable rap sheets.

Fuqua is a registered sexual offender who was convicted in 2003 of 2nd degree criminal sexual assault with a child under the age of 13. He served 17 years in prison for this heinous crime. Cole was given a life sentence for murder and an additional 60 years in prison for armed robbery back in the 1970s. He is currently on parole until Aug. 2023.

Supreme Felons Inc. received this money through Washtenaw’s Community Priority Fund (CPF) because Democrats nationwide are enabling predators and endangering the innocent. Legitimate charitable organizations that applied through the CPF are outraged that Supreme Felons Inc. was granted over $1 million from the county.

“Felons mentoring in Ypsi public schools? In the WISD? In Juvie (juvenile detention)? Nope. With what qualification[s]? With what kind of supervision? Felons mentoring felons on parole? Felons on parole can’t be with other felons,” a CPF applicant told the Ann Arbor Independent. “Who were the county staff who evaluated that proposal? Nothing but cronyism from Greg Dill and Jerry Clayton.”

“The County Commissioners are super-sized fools desperate to look like they’re doing something for the folks in Ypsi and Ypsi Township,” another CPF applicant from Ypsilanti, Mich. stated, “The Supreme Felons proposal is a fairytale.”

The scandal has caught the attention of the Michigan state legislature. State senator Aric Nesbitt, chair of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, called out Sue Shink, the far-left chairwoman of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners and current state senate candidate, for bankrolling this organization led by dangerous convicted criminals.

“Sue Shink must explain to voters why she thought it was appropriate to give an organization founded by a murderer and a sex offender more than $1 million and access to schools and school children,” said Nesbitt. “The longer she refuses to answer questions about this, the more likely it seems she has something to hide.”

“Whether a county commissioner or state senator, an elected official has no greater responsibility than to protect our most vulnerable,” Nesbitt added. “If Sue Shink cannot explain why she gave this group founded by a murderer and a sex offender more than $1 million and access to school children, it should be disqualifying for any office she seeks.”

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