Michigan Department of Education is Teaching Public School Teachers How to Turn Kids Transgender, Hide It From Parents Even If The Kids are Suicidal

The Michigan Department of Education is orienting public school teachers on the best practices to turn children transgender and hide the information from parents, even if the kids become suicidal.

City Journal found a state training program in Michigan that was initially used on teachers in 2020 but has since been repackaged for the current school year. It contains the usual far-left psychotic babble about non-binary gender and “intersectionality” in order to justify the systemic abuse of children.

“We’ve been conditioned and we’ve been acculturated in this particular culture that gender is binary,” said trainer Amorie Robinson, who describes herself as a “black, masculine-identified, cisgendered lesbian baby boomer,” and believes children may identify as “asexual, lesbian, straight, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, demisexual, demiromantic, aromantic, and skoliosexual.”

Kim Phillips-Knope, a leader with the LGBTQ+ Students Project, shared videos during the training that featured children who have been brainwashed by the LGBT cult.

“Hi, my name is Elise,” one of the children said. “I’ve used she/her pronouns all my life. But recently, and for a while, I’ve been struggling with gender issues as well as a whole lot of other identity things. So, I finally gave in and ordered a [breast] binder for myself and it just came in today. And I have never been happier with how my body looks since I was a kid.”

“Schools should be using the name and pronouns that students go by,” Phillips-Knope said, adding that parents should not be made aware of the child’s gender transition even if they are suicidal.

“If you’re sort of into that area of like, ‘you’re going to hurt yourself or somebody else,’ and you have a duty to report—I mean, the law is really clear about that—you can also talk to parents, though, about like that ‘your kid is having suicidal thoughts,’ without outing them, without saying why,” said Phillips-Knope. “You can say, ‘We have some concerns, your child has shared this,’ [but] I would one-thousand percent recommend working with the student to let them guide that process.”

Teachers were also encouraged to create “Gender & Sexuality Alliance” groups and Rainbow Clubs, which Big League Politics has shown are fertile breeding grounds for the grooming of children:

A whistleblower has exposed how teachers and administrators in public schools are plotting to set-up “Rainbow Clubs” or Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups order to groom children and indoctrinate them into the LGBT agenda.

The whistleblower, a self-described “reformed” social justice warrior named Christina Buttons, infiltrated a webinar in which LGBT educators and advocates plotted the best ways to target children and warp their souls without their parents being able to realize what happened until it is too late.

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