Michigan Dodges Bullet as Sharia Law Compliant Democrat Loses Gubernatorial Primary

A Muslim Sharia Law compliant gubernatorial candidate from Michigan came in second in yesterday’s primary race.

“The victory was not ours today, but the work continues,” wrote Abdul El-Sayed on Twitter. “Congratulations to on her primary win. Tomorrow we continue the path toward justice, equity, and sustainability.”

El-Sayed, who was endorsed by the likes of radical socialists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) lost to Gretchen Whitmer, garnering 30% of the vote to her 52%.

Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer spent months exposing how the Sharia compliant candidate’s personal life did not match with his message of “justice” and “equity.” Under Sharia Law, women are considered property of their husbands, gays are murdered, and adulterers can be stoned to death. According to a former Muslim and expert on Sharia Law, El-Sayed was practicing “Taqiya” to further the cause of Islam in America.

Loomer reported:

Farrah Prudence, an Ex-Muslim woman who was raised Muslim but chose to convert to Christianity after she fled her abusive Muslim father in Ohio is speaking out to warn the voters of Michigan about the creeping Sharia that is on their ballots this election cycle.

According to Prudence, who currently lives under protection due to the fact that she has a Fatwa over her head for being an apostate, Abdul El-Sayed, a Sharia compliant Muslim man who is currently campaigning to become the next Governor of Michigan is “practicing Taqiya” in order to convince non-Muslims to vote for him.

In Islam, Taqiya is a component of Sharia Law that allows and encourages Muslims to lie to achieve their goals and spread Islam.

When asked whether or not El-Sayed was using Taqiya to appeal to non-Muslim voters, Prudence said, “Absolutely. The things that are told in front of non-Muslims are not the same things that are shared inside the mosque.”

When Loomer confronted El-Sayed, he ran ducked her questions before hiding behind his aides.



Though El-Sayed lost, he still managed to attract nearly 340,000 voters. It is a frightening sign that so many people would vote for not only for such a radical leftist – one who wanted to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, make Michigan a “sanctuary state,” impose the burden of “free” college and “free” universal healthcare on the taxpayer – but also for a leftist who practices Sharia Law, perhaps the most regressive religious and political ideology on earth.

Americans need to understand the dangers of such radicalism, and nip it in the bud before it is mainstreamed.

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