Michigan Firearm Maker Awards Special “AR-14” to Auto Worker Who Challenged Biden on 2A

This past Tuesday Jerry Wayne was thrust into national politics. On that day he and the other union autoworkers at the Fiat Chrysler plant in Detroit, Michigan welcomed former Vice President and current Democrat Party nominee front runner Joe Biden to their new facility.

During Biden’s tour of the new plant Mr. Wayne took his chance and asked the former Vice President a question about his Second Amendment policy, “Why are you actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns?”

Instead of remaining calm and answering the question, Mr. Biden pushed aside his female aide and stuck his finger into the chest of the concerned autoworker and went into raged filled response;

“You are full of sh*t”

“You don’t need an AR-14”

“Stop being a horse’s ass”

Instead of backing down from the threats, Jerry Wayne stood his ground for his conviction on the Second Amendment.

The video of the exchange went viral.

Mr. Wayne’s courage caught the eye of a local firearm manufacturer in Michigan call Next Level Armament and they decided to award the autoworker with a very special edition AR-15 model “AR-14” for his convictions.

In the announcement for the award Next Level Armament released this statement on their Facebook page, “When a patriot stands up for the 2A community it is a great thing, especially when he’s from the great state of Michigan. But when Jerry Wayne got up in Joe Biden’s feels, we decided we needed to get him taken care of. Next Level Armament AR-14 edition AR-15.”

Mr. Wayne’s new AR-15 has “AR-14” inscribed on the side of the it along with a silhouette of Joe Biden saying, “You’re full of sh*t!”


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