Michigan House Freedom Caucus Leader Steve Carra Exposes RINO-Led Hiring Discrimination Scandal Targeting Conservatives

Michigan House Freedom Caucus Chairman, State Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers), held a press conference on Tuesday morning to expose a discrimination scandal in which Republican leadership is colluding with Democrats to manipulate staffing decisions and keep conservatives from working in the state Capitol.

Carra explained how House Minority Leader Matt Hall (R-Richland Twp) is refusing to approve his staffing decisions, crippling his ability to serve his constituents and defend freedom effectively. Hall is using his pull with Majority Leader Joe Tate (D-Detroit) to keep conservatives out of crucial staffing roles. This is how the Uni-party works together to force their controlled hacks into positions of authority.

“As the radical left continues to embrace tyranny and central planning, the Republican Party needs to inspire voters to vote based on principle. The trajectory our leadership is on is the wrong course. Make no mistake, the Democrats are moving rapidly to the left and are destroying our state and country, but Republicans are complicit when they also shift to the left year after year,” Carra said.

Carra is pushing for reforms that would make it so all house members would be hired by their bosses. Right now, leadership in the Michigan legislature get to approve all hires and can remove staffers at any time for any reason – giving them undue control over elected officials. Carra aims to shut down this gatekeeping process and allow state representatives and senators to handle their own staffing decisions without having to grovel beneath party leadership.

The libertarian-leaning legislator also called out the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC), the PAC tasked with getting Republicans back into power in the state house in 2024. The HRCC made a controversial decision when they appointed former Governor Rick Snyder and globalist billionaire Bill Parfet as their fundraising chairs for the upcoming election. Snyder endorsed mush-brained puppet Joe Biden for President in 2020, and Parfet endorsed COVID genocide engineer Gretchen Whitmer for Governor in 2022.

“Given that Rick Snyder endorsed a Democrat for President of the United States in 2020 and is now leading House Republican Campaign Committee efforts, is he willing to commit by the end of this week to supporting the Republican nominee for President in 2024?” Carra asked at the press conference.

“If so, I’d like to unite to help make sure Republicans win up and down the ticket and that we stand strong on the Republican Party platform. If he is not, I’m asking him to resign from the role he’s playing within the House Republican Campaign Committee,” he added.

The full press conference can be seen here:

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