Michigan State Capitol Vandalized with Graffiti Targeting ICE on Independence Day

A pro-illegal immigration vandal targeted the Michigan state capitol for defacement, writing “STOP ICE” on the side of the building on the Fourth of July at around Midnight.

The Michigan State Police are trying to get to the bottom of who committed this crime. Sgt. Jeff Held says that law enforcement is investigating “as best we can” to figure out who was responsible for the graffiti.

This follows two attacks in June on the Michigan Republican Party’s headquarters in Lansing, MI. Vandals targeted the building with anti-ICE graffiti, as liberals become unhinged because of President Donald Trump’s proposed crackdown against illegal immigration.




The city department is hoping for tips from the community and is requesting anyone with any information about the perpetrator to call Detective Shawn Martinez at (517) 483-6856.

Amber McCann, the spokeswoman for Senate Republicans, said that It is “disappointing and upsetting that someone would choose to deface the Capitol building for any reason.”

The Republican-led Michigan state legislature recently proposed a 2020 budget to punish sanctuary counties. Under the proposal, jail reimbursement funds will be withheld from counties unless they comply with federal authorities in matters “concerning the immigration status of an individual in the state.” This tough-on-enforcement proposal from the GOP may have sparked the violent act from the vandal.

Even the Democrats of Michigan are speaking out against this trend of vandalism being committed against border enforcement.

“You are not cool or a revolutionary,” State Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. wrote in a social media post. “Instead, you defaced a public building, cost money in a limited budget that could be used to help poor people, and made some poor person have to come clean up your mess on a holiday weekend.”

The sandstone that was defaced is a historic landmine dating back to 1872. The building, which was later determined to be a National Historic Landmark, was opened for use in 1879, and it has been the place where the Michigan legislature conducts its business ever since. It is unknown how much it will cost to remove the graffiti from the sandstone.

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