Michigan U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Rogers Accuses Benghazi Whistleblowers of Talking ‘Nonsense’ After Committing Massive Negligence as Armed Services Committee Chairman

A scathing new video is demonstrating how former House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, now a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Michigan, helped cause the Benghazi disaster, and Rogers now accuses military whistleblowers of talking “nonsense” in an attempt to cover his tracks.

The video, released by his Senate primary opponent Sandy Pensler, shows Army ranger Kris Paranto saying that he “looked Mike Rogers in the eyes” and said “if we were not delayed, we would have saved [murdered Ambassador John Christopher Stevens] life.” Rogers dismissed the testimony of Paranto and other Benghazi whistleblowers as “nonsense.”

“It’s just all nonsense. It didn’t happen the way they said back then,” said Rogers, who as a Congressman wanted to let the Obama administration off the hook for the federal government’s criminal negligence in Benghazi.

The video can be seen here:

Rogers is certainly incentivized to lie about the Benghazi disaster, considering his wife was a military contractor with a firm having direct ties to the failure that allowed the chaos to occur on Sept. 11, 2012.

In journalist Roger Stone’s article, “Michigan U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Rogers is the Most Dangerous Anti-Trump Phony Running for Office“, Stone explained how Rogers’ wife, Kristi, benefited from government contracts because of her connections with her husband, and this cronyism resulted in her firm Aegis getting a sweet deal to secure Benghazi with horrifying results:

As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rogers attempted to stonewall the investigation into Benghazi, claiming that Obama’s CIA officials were telling the truth and did not need to be investigated. This drew the attention of Judicial Watch, and they discovered that Rogers’ wife Kristi ran a major security contractor in the private sector where her husband’s clout in the D.C. swamp helped her firm, Aegis Defense Services, win many lucrative government contracts.

Aegis was one of the defense firms that profited from Obama’s regime-change war in Libya, which turned out to be as much of a disaster as any of his George W. Bush’s failed wars. As “quintessential Washington insiders,” according to Judicial Watch, Kristi Rogers served as President and CEO of Aegis while Mike Rogers chaired the House Intelligence Committee – a glaring conflict of interest as Aegis tallied Pentagon contracts worth hundreds of millions.

Aegis won the renewal of a Pentagon contract for reconstruction efforts in Iraq that was “worth up to $475 million over two years,” while Kristi Rogers was an Aegis lobbyist. They also were awarded a $497 million State Department contract to secure the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Most notably, Aegis won a stake in the five-year State Department contract worth up to $10 billion with the express purpose of keeping embassies safe back in 2010. Although Aegis has publicly denied culpability with the Benghazi disaster, their record of malfeasance in Libya is undeniable.

“Aegis has been operating in Libya since February 2011,” Aegis Advisory intelligence report stated to its corporate clients. The report also claimed that “Aegis has extensive links in Libya which can be leveraged quickly to ensure safe passage,” as they were reportedly seeking $5 billion in contracts to operate in the country.

Aegis severely understated the threat of Islamic extremism in Benghazi to contractors who could have presumably stopped the brutal murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. An Aegis analyst claimed that Islamic extremism was minimal, and Islamic countries active in the region had the threat under control.

“Despite reports of pockets of jihadist elements the presence of Islamic extremism has so far been low-key,” a senior Aegis official reported after visiting Benghazi in summer 2011, noting that U.S. allies “Qatar and the UAE [United Arab Emirates] have established a strong presence on the ground, providing tactical assistance at all levels, weapons, and recognition.”

Kristi Rogers “obtained top-secret facility security clearance for Aegis, created the company’s board of directors and positioned it for future growth and expansion,” according to her former profile at Manett law firm. Kristi left Aegis in disgrace after the Benghazi scandal, and her husband high-tailed it out of Congress shortly after, preferring to collect corporate lobbyist paychecks rather than deal with the fallout of their cronyism.”

Unfortunately for the people of Michigan, President Trump endorsed Rogers for U.S. Senate despite his history of betraying the American public, enriching himself and his wife in the Washington D.C. swamp, and serving the military-industrial complex while pissing in the faces of U.S. Troops. Trump would be wise to consider rescinding his endorsement of Rogers, otherwise the Democrats will be handed a U.S. Senate seat on a silver platter in November.

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