Michigan ‘Vaccine Choice’ Group Invites Legislator Who Voted For Vaccine Mandates to Speak at Rally

Lansing, Michigan continues to move further and further to the radical left with their recently gained Democrat-trifecta from the 2022 midterms. However, as per usual, weak Republicans have helped them along every step of the way including with late-term abortion, gender identity bills, pronouns on driver’s licenses, and, most recently, vaccine passports.

House Bill 4437 Conference Report 1 (HB 4437 CR-1), the omnibus general budget for FY24 passed in late June, with 5 Republicans voting yes. One of the Republicans voting yes, Rep. Gina Johnsen of Lake Odessa, will be speaking at a rally for Michigan For Vaccine Choice, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to vaccine choice and informed consent in the state, this Thursday in Lansing.

According to Michigan for Vaccine Choice’s website: “MVC believes that everyone should have the right to accept or decline vaccines without discrimination or penalty.”

However, interestingly enough, the budget that Johnsen voted YES for seems to directly conflict with MVC’s proclaimed values. Among massive funding for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, unconstitutional anti-white business programs, gun control implementation, and state funding for abortion, the budget also deals with the topic of vaccine mandates.

Previous Republican Leadership included Boilerplate policy items in the budget to prevent Governor Gretchen Whitmer from implementing statewide COVID-19 vaccine passports, along with individual state departments. However, in the most recently passed budget, these Boilerplate policy items are striked out statewide, along with many state departments including the Department of Education, Health & Human Services, and Military & Veterans Affairs. Not only does this authorize Whitmer’s trifecta to implement vaccine mandates, but it could potentially allow the state to deny services to unvaccinated people, including denying benefits and treatment to disabled veterans.

Despite these atrocities, Rep. Johnsen still betrayed the majority of her caucus and voted yes anyways. This brings out an interesting question: Why is a legislator who essentially voted for vaccine mandates speaking at a rally for vaccine choice?

Big League Politics reached out to Michigan For Vaccine Choice to find out more:

“You may request a response from Gina Johnsen regarding her reasons for her vote.” said a spokesperson for MVC in a statement to BLP on Tuesday.  “She has been a strong advocate of MVC in the past.  We will not comment on any legislative votes that don’t pertain to policy issues about vaccinations, as this is not part of our mission.”

You would think that removing restrictions on the Governor to wage vaccine tyranny on families would be considered a ‘policy issue about vaccinations’. However, as per usual, conservative-oriented groups always fold to the left and establishment RINOs when push comes to shove. Apparently, Gina Johnsen being pro vaccine choice in the past is good enough for MVC, even if it means giving her a platform to deceive her constituents and aid the Democrats in force injecting toddlers and disabled veterans.

Rising conservative star Rep. Angela Rigas, who is also a speaker at the event and proudly voted NO on 4437, had this to say about about the budget in a report from May:

“House Democrat leadership will not even let us come to the table and have a discussion or debate. This is not a two-party democracy, this is tyranny. And the worst part is, it’s real families who are going to pay the price, literally.”

It is currently unknown to Big League Politics if there is any tension between Rep. Johnsen and the other speakers, all Republicans, over Johnsen’s vote.

Rep. Neil Friske, another speaker at the event and seen by some in Michigan as the new leader of the grassroots, had this to say about the vote:

“As a Christian and a Republican, there is no way that I could sell out my morality for small handouts in a massive and destructive budget like this. I voted NO and I am proud to have voted NO.”

One would certainly hope that MVC has at least internally reprimanded Gina Johnsen, but it is unknown if they have or ever will. Right-leaning groups are always hesitant to grow a backbone or stand up for their own morals. Time and time again we see pro-life groups endorse candidates who vote for abortion and NRA-endorsed candidates vote for gun control with little to no consequence. The only way the right will succeed is if we amplify our voices, stand strong, and apply hard pressure on those who supposedly represent our interests.

Michigan for Vaccine Choice ignored a request for interview on the topic of vaccine mandates and disabled veterans.

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