Middle-Schooler Drops “Trump” Last Name After Persistent Bullying

A middle school boy in Delaware drops his last name after being bullied at school.

“The parents of Joshua Trump, a student at Talley Middle School in Wilmington, claim their son started getting teased by classmates when Donald Trump first announced plans to run for the White House in June 2015”, according to New York Post. After being homeschooled for a year, Trump returned to public school in August where he attended Talley Middle School.

The insults related to his name did not subside in middle school as the family expected (because everything gets better in middle school, right?) The 11 year old is now planning on taking the last name of his father, Bobby Berto, after being persecuted for the last name of his mother, Megan Trump. Apparently, the bullying was so extreme that the parents of Joshua Trump met with school officials of Talley Middle school to inform administration of the torment he was facing.

Teachers and administrators were instructed to ”┬ádo their very best to try not to say his last name”, according to Mark Mayer, the Principle of Talley Middle School. His tearful mother explains that the boy feels depressed, hates himself, and does not want to continue living in this environment. The President’s name has become so offensive to others that teachers are actually instructed not to say it.

Trump’s name has now been changed in the school database to Berto, his father’s last name. Trump/Berto is also requiring special accommodations while at school to protect him from any wayward comments.

Why the boy did not have his father’s last name since birth is unclear. Perhaps he is a product of an ultra-feminist mother who insisted her last name be carried on- without the realization of potential backlash. Of course, that’s just speculation. It seems that Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken hold of middle schoolers causing them to antagonize this poor kid to the point of his parents taking him out of school.

The mom states that it’s scary for a parent to have to deal with this. Yet has no problem teaching her child that it is okay to run away from their problems. Getting bullied at school? Don’t stand up to them sweetie, mommy will take care of it.

The helicopter parenting has reached to new lengths with this one. You’d think he would be taking advantage of having the same last name as the President of the United States. That’s cool.

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