Migrant Arrested For Motel Room Attack After Democrat Warned of ‘Crisis’ Hotel Shortage for Migrants

El Paso Times

The arrest of a Guatemalan man who allegedly attacked a woman in a motel where migrants are being housed adds new dimension to the story of the hundreds of migrants who were dropped off at an El Paso bus station by ICE agents due to a court order.

The woman was holding her baby at the time of the alleged attack.

Democrat congresswoman Veronica Escobar recently  described the “real crisis” that El Paso faced due to Sun Bowl college football teams taking up hotel rooms that have been sheltering the illegal immigrants.

Now, an arrest has been made stemming from an alleged motel room attack in El Paso:

KTSM reports: “Police arrested a Guatemalan man Tuesday for allegedly breaking into a hotel room and attempting to sexually assault a Guatemalan woman while she was holding her one-year-old child.

Police said both the victim and the offender were being housed at the Budget Inn Motel on Paisano when the alleged attack happened.

Investigators identified the suspect as Francisco Tojin Maldonado, 23, from Guatemala.

Police said the woman was bathing her infant in the hotel room Tuesday when the man walked in, groped her under her clothing and pressed himself against her.”

KTSM passage ends

Here is Veronica Escobar’s first House floor speech agitating against the Wall:

Big League Politics reported:

Almost 600 illegal immigrants and asylum seekers were dropped off at an El Paso bus station by Immigration and Customs Enforcement without any plans to detain or house them, according to a spokesman with the El Paso Police Department.

ICE justified the questionable move to release hundreds of previously detained illegal immigrants onto the streets by releasing a statement explaining that the agency was complying with a court order to release the migrants from custody within 20 days. Approximately 400 of the migrants had been released the day before Christmas Eve, with a further 186 being dropped off at a bus station on Christmas Day.

Democratic Congressman Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke of El Paso said that he had been told a further 500+ migrants were set to be released in the community on Wednesday.

Local law enforcement and municipal officials appear to have been given little to no advance notice about a sizable population of foreign nationals being released in the City of El Paso, some of whom may represent a criminal threat. Individuals linked to street gangs such as the MS13 gang and serious hardened criminal organizations such as the Sinaloas and Los Zetas drug cartels have been detected embedded with populations of illegal migrants arriving in the United States from Mexico and Central America.

Now that the illegal migrants have been released, it is likely that a significant percentage of the group will refuse to appear in court for immigration proceedings. They’ll likely either fade out of sight into the 12-million strong and growing population of illegals residing in the United States, or become subject to complicated and at times dangerous attempts to apprehend and deport them.


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