Mike Pompeo Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene for Speaking at America First Political Action Conference

In another move neocons are making to consolidate their hold over political discourse, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, declared on February 27, 2022 that “Associating with anti-Semitic neo-Nazis is not consistent with the conservative values I’ve defended for decades. Representative Taylor-Greene playing footsie with Nick Fuentes and his splinter movement is shameful.

Historically, Pompeo was one of the strongest voices of neocon policies within the Trump administration. He pushed for some of the most hardline policies against China, Iran, and Russia

He went to great lengths to bow down before Israel, a highly developed country that’s more than capable of defending itself, and try to get the US entangled in the Jewish state’s long-running shadow war with Iran

Unfortunately, he has shown his true colors here with his inflammatory statements towards Marjorie Taylor Greene. Pompeo’s recent behavior should ultimately show America First activists who is legit-and who is a fraud.

Pompeo represents the right wing faction of the “Invade the World, Invite the World” crowd that pushes policies that work against the Historic American Nation — whether it’s never-ending conflict abroad or failing to protect our border.

Politicians that don’t push for a restrained foreign policy and a secure border are not our friends. 

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