Mike Pompeo Said to be Considering Senate Run, Secretary of State Replacement Sought

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may be preparing to resign his position to run for an open U.S Senate seat in Kansas, with Trump administration figures already researching possibilities for a potential replacement.

Trump administration officials are said to be eyeing current National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien in the event of a State Department vacancy. O’Brien has clicked with Trump far more cohesively than previous foreign policy advisors, such as fish-out-of-water neocon John Bolton and career military officer H.R McMaster.

Pompeo has always been a lukewarm executor of President Trump’s America First foreign policy platform, at times aligning with the President, yet also bowing to the conventional globalist wisdom prevalent throughout the federal department. The cabinet member began his service in the administration as Director of the CIA, an unaccountable secret agency known for extralegal attempts to interfere in American politics against the Trump campaign.

It appears Pompeo is being nudged to run for the Kansas Senate seat as a spoiler by the Republican establishment with the hopes of dashing former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s campaign. Kobach is a staunch immigration patriot who currently holds a wide lead in statewide polling, but it appears Pompeo would stand a solid chance of besting him in a Republican primary.

Pompeo’s switch from Secretary of State to Senatorial candidate doesn’t come across as the most glaring promotion. It’s possible that Mitch McConnell and bigwig Republican Senators are desperate enough to block Kris Kobach’s Senate bid that they’d manage to recruit Pompeo into taking a demotion for the cause.

He’s generally dismissed questions pertaining to a potential Kansas Senate bid, but the creation of a new personal Twitter account has made some believe he’s gearing up for a political campaign.

Pompeo’s departure could open up avenues to push the State Department in an America First direction, even if it damages Kobach’s Senate prospects. Pompeo has consistently agitated for military intervention against the Syrian government and generally fought for the United States to work for Saudi Arabian interests.


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