Militia leader Has Surprise Morning Encounter

Tim Foley and Arizona Border Recon members

Tim Foley is the president of the Arizona Border Recon, an organization that operates on the Arizona/ Mexico border dedicated to gathering intelligence on the trafficking operations of the Mexican cartels. 

“Our mission is to provide intelligence to the public in matters relating to the trafficking activities originating from the international border in Arizona.” states AZBR on their website

On March 30th Tim woke up at 6:30 am and started his daily routine of getting ready for work, making his cup of coffee, greeting his dog, and walking out to see an illegal immigrant sitting in his lawn chair.

For most people that wouldn’t be a normal occurrence, but since President Joe Biden got into office situations such as this have become commonplace near the border. As such, Tim handled the situation very professionally, proceeding to calmly talk to the man, giving him bottled water to drink, and calling the border patrol to pick him up.

The video even ends with a message stating “Welcome to Biden’s America.” summing up the overall view most Americans have of Biden’s immigration policy .  

Biden has adopted a policy of open borders by getting rid of common sense policies such as Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy. Remain in Mexico required immigrants applying for asylum in the United States to wait in Mexico for their applications to be processed. This deterred illegal entrants, whereas past administrations’ policy of catch and release allowed illegal immigrants to travel into the interior of our country, while waiting for their asylum court date, and in many cases not showing up for said court date. To the contrary the Remain in Mexico policy was successful in bringing down illegal crossings because it was grounded in common sense and logic.

However when you give the green light to tens of thousands of immigrants to cross into our country with no clear roll out plan, you see the direct result in the images from border detention centers showing hundreds of people packed together like sardines. 

The ultimate result of Biden pushing open borders, crippling ICE, defunding the Border Patrol, and enticing more immigrants to travel illegally to the United States with promises of free healthcare, and social welfare programs is this: More people like Tim will have to step up in order to fill the security vacuum, meaning we are going to see more citizen groups, maligned as militias, at the southern border. Because when the Federal government fails to protect us everyday citizens, it is left to those everyday citizens to defend themselves and from the insecurity of open borders.     

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