Milquetoast Conservative Calls on Right Wing to “Disown” Michelle Malkin

On July 19, 2020, conservatives rallied at the Denver state capitol where they were by a mob of agitators who assaulted them.

As they were attacked, the police stood by idly.

One of the most prominent people who was attacked at this rally was conservative commentator Michelle Malkin.

One “conservative” commentator Andrew Struttman, an owner and partner of Saratoga Strategies, penned an article in the Denver Post on this situation.

Although he condemned the leftist mob’s attack, he went out of his way to attack Malkin as well.

He believed that this rally was a “painful reminder that Malkin remains a part of the conservative movement in Colorado.”

Struttman added that “It is morally unconscionable that she has a platform within conservative circles, including speaking at this rally.”

The conservative operative did acknowledge Malkin’s support for immigration restriction but then called her out for moving “on to the fever swamps of the Alt Right.”

He was particularly furious about Malkin’s relationship with Nick Fuentes, a podcaster who has raised provocative questions about immigration and the U.S.’s relationship with Israel.

The “Groyper Army” — an informal band of nationalists who have turned up the heat on Conservatism Inc. at public events — particularly annoyed Struttman.

He noted that the Groypers “regularly sabotage the events of mainstream conservatives like Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and Donald Trump Jr., trolling the Q&A with questions about white identity and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.”

In reality, the questions these individuals asked concerned the demographic and economic displacement effects of mass migration and why the U.S. must unconditionally support Israel.

He was particularly irked that Malkin used her final speech at Young America’s Foundation to defend the Groypers and Nick Fuentes, along with immigration patriots such as Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire.

Malkin would later headline a Groyper event where she lambasted Conservatism Inc. and called Colorado Senator Cory Gardener a “hispanderer” for his limp-wristed attempts to court Hispanic voters.

During her talk at the Groyper summit, she said that she was “very confident that you, the Light Brigade, the America First Brigade, are well positioned to do what so few other grassroots revolts and rebellions have succeeded in doing. I believe in you. I honor your charge. I honor your mission.”

For Struttman, this was a “full-throated embrace of white dominance over minorities” despite providing no evidence of Groypers calling for racial subjugation. Most of their message has been centered around immigration skepticism, traditionalism, and foreign policy non-interventionism.

Unfortunately, in today’s ever-narrowing social discourse, no one cares for nuances. Most of the Dissident Right, must come to the realization that some of their biggest enemies come from the “official” Right.

Proper social distancing from these approval seekers must be applied. The development of a parallel political infrastructure is crucial for the Dissident Right’s existence moving forward.