Minority Republicans Call Out GOP Establishment For Not Backing Black Candidate

Massachusetts Minority Republican Coalition, Facebook

The Massachusetts Minority Republican Coalition is taking aim at the establishment state party for not raising money for a black candidate.

The Coalition is firing the first shot in a strategic war between grassroots conservatives and establishment state parties all over the country. While conservatives and populist-nationalists get accused of being affiliated with the nebulous “Alt Right,” the fact of the matter is that President Trump defied expectations with minority voters and hired or promoted numerous minorities including Cabinet member Ben Carson and Sheriff David Clarke, whom Trump wanted for the administration before the establishment kiboshed him.

The so-called whiteness of the Republican Party, which the media constantly harps on, is not the intentional design of Trump or his supporters. Now, minority conservatives are placing blame for their relative exclusion at the feet of the party bosses.

Massachusetts Republican Lt. Governor Karyn Polito hyped a fundraiser Monday with Quincy City Council candidate Kirsten Hughes, chairman of the Massachusetts GOP, which is largely influenced by anti-Trump governor Charlie Baker.

But why won’t the state party go to bat for Ted Cruz-supporting conservative black candidate Ken Gilet?

Ken Gilet, Facebook

Here’s what the Minority Republican Coalition had to say in a statement:

“We would like to ask the Lt Governor why hasn’t she hosted a fundraiser for Ken Gilet? Who is the chairman of the Springfield Republican City Committee and a candidate for city council in Springfield’s Ward 2. By the way Ken Gilet is Black.

For a party that has problems doing Outreach in the Inner Cities of the Commonwealth come each election cycle. And an even worse problemĀ supporting Minority Republican candidates (when and if they do run).

It is fair to ask Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito what if any Minority Republican candidates have you supported (and please don’t include that idiot faux Hispanic Gabriel Gomez). And do you agree with the governor’s recent
endorsement of Lawrence mayor Dan Rivera. Who has NO HISTORY OF ENDORSING REPUBLICANS for higher office..

We also would like to ask does your inaction of both you and the governor. Help the party long term and it will it help you. In your future suicide run for governor, given the demographic changes that are happening now?”

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