Mississippi Just Voted To Allow Schools To Set Their Own Gun Policies For Teachers

Teachers in Mississippi may soon be able to carry firearms on school grounds. Thus having their full second amendment rights restored.

According to a report from Fox News:

Mississippi education officials have voted to update a more than 30-year-old policy regarding weapons on school campuses that could clear the way for staff and employees to carry guns on campus.

The update removed language from the old policy, which the department said conflicted with Mississippi’s 2011 enhanced conceal carry law. It also allowed schools to create their own policies regarding allowing guns on campus.

Schools in Mississippi will now be able to determine the rules around bringing guns to school for teachers. Which, though it might be a surprise to some, is a widely popular idea amongst Americans.

In an exclusive poll shared with The Daily Wire conducted by The Trafalgar Group in partnership with the Convention of States Action (COSA), the majority of Americans believe armed teachers who are properly trained would make schools safer.

Of 1,091 surveyed Americans who are expected to vote in the 2022 general election, 57.5% of respondents believe preventing well-trained teachers from carrying firearms in schools is “somewhat or much more dangerous.” While only 30.8% of respondents said the opposite.

The poll was conducted in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Per Fox News, state school officials at the Mississippi Department of Education have officially updated their guidelines to fit with the state’s concealed carry law. So now it’s up to individual schools and their boards to make the call on gun rules for teachers on school grounds.

“A school district may, in its discretion, prohibit or allow its employees who hold enhanced conceal carry licenses to possess weapons at the school,” Jean Cook, director of communication for the Mississippi Department of Education said in a statement.

If the Uvalde massacre is any litmus test, “gun-free zones” and poorly trained police officers are not good enough to prevent mass shootings in our schools.

Information regarding the tragic Texas shooting is still being rolled out. With each new piece of evidence highlighting the gross incompetence that left innocent children murdered.

On the flip side, a good guy with a gun was able to take down a rampaging shooter at an Indiana Mall. The young hero who stopped the deadly event is a 22-year-old man named Elisjsha Dicken. And per reports, was equipped with a firearm under the state’s latest constitutional carry law.

Adding more insult to injury to the Democrat’s gun-grabbing narrative, Dicken killed the shooter who opened fire in another “gun-free” zone.

Now imagine how much the next school shooter would be deterred if they knew more teachers were armed and had the ability to take them down.

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