Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Wants China to Cough Up Big $$ for the Virus it Has Unleashed on the Planet

On March 19, 2020, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley appeared on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss China and its culpability in the current Wuhan virus pandemic.

Hawley wants China to be “held to account” for its role in not being able to contain the virus that’s wreaking global mayhem.

The Missouri Senator contends that “our globalized economy is an economy that really works for China first and foremost, and not for the United States. Certainly not for American workers.”

He called attention to how China dominates manufacturing:

Our supply chains — where are they now? In China. Our medical devices, where are they made? China. Our pharmaceuticals, where are they made? China. Our Big Tech companies, who do they want to do business with? China.

Hawley believes that we need “some structural reform” and he also says that Chinese authorities “suppressed the actual news, and we know that they ordered the whistleblower doctors to keep silent. Of course, one of those doctors, at least, lost his life because of that.”

On top of that, the freshman Senator called for “an international investigation about where this originated” and emphasized that “China ought to be held to account and they ought to be made to foot the bill for what the world — including the United States — is now suffering.”

Hawley has become one of the most vocal advocates of America First policies in the Senate.

His work in the Senate has been invaluable in exposing China’s growing influence across the globe and also demonstrates why the U.S. should socially distance itself from that regime as much as possible.

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