Mob of Teens Savagely Beat Helpless Girl for Her Sneakers

The Blaze reported that New York City police are in search of a group of suspects accused of committing a violent assault and robbery on March 5, 2020 against a 15-year-old girl in Brooklyn.

Surveillance footage of the afternoon incident was caught on Utica Avenue near Sterling Place in Crown Heights, WCBS-TV reported.

One male knocked the girl down on the sidewalk and others jumped in and started stomping her:

The mob of teens grew in a matter of seconds as more suspects converged upon her.

Video footage taken from another position at the intersection showed the mob beginning to flee after the attack:

One suspect remained and is caught taking sneakers right off the victim’s feet while she’ writhing in pain on the sidewalk:

The station reported that the victim is expected to recover. However, her phone and debit card were stolen.

Investigators allege this was a retaliatory attack for a prior incident, WCBS reported. They added that police haven’t confirmed what the previous incident was about

Carlita Gorden works at a nearby salon and arrived at the scene when she heard screaming, the station reported.

“For so many kids to jump on one individual, it’s just ridiculous,” she said to WCBS.

Gorden also informed the station that the girl was “grabbing on her book bag. No shoes, just sitting … with no shoes. Then you see the little one holding her sneakers, running away. Come on, it’s sad. We have to do better as a community. We have to do better as people in general. That this little girl could’ve lost her life; it’s really sad.”

The incident occurred in front of Anita Peavy’s electronics store, and Peavy told WCBS she quickly brought down the store gate and went outside to find out what was happening.

“I didn’t need no trouble,” she told the station. “I [was] scared the kids [would] come in here and just go crazy the way they was going crazy out there. I have never witnessed nothing like that yet in my life … To see such a small kid just dropping on one kid, it was crazy.”

Peavy is also a registered nurse and attempted to help the victim, WCBS said.

“She was bleeding like crazy,” she remarked. “We just tried to keep her calm and sitting there until the ambulance come.”

New York’s criminal justice reforms are creating an environment of dysfunction.

Add in an incredibly anti-gun environment where people cannot defend themselves from criminals, and you have a recipe for social chaos.

New York will need to rethink its criminal justice policies and instead rely on proven tough on crime approaches to tackling these issues of public order.

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