Mollie Hemingway: NeverTrumpers Are A Tiny Fraction of People, Only Media

Fox News’ Mollie Hemingway finally laid to rest the idea that “NeverTrump” conservatives actually exist in the world beyond their D.C. media journalism cliques.

“I’m interested in this from a media angle. It’s the preponderance of Never-Trumpers that we see in the media and in the media outlets. In the real world, they represent an incredibly small fraction of the people. In the media world, they dominate everything,” Hemingway said.

“These people get a lot of prominence for a pretty minority opinion and they seem to be praised by people in the media,” Hemingway said.

As America rallies in majority behind the pro-American conservative president, those on the sidelines of the Republican Party — doomed by their support for open borders and improper government contracts — are becoming more hateful. They are given more visibility, then, in the Democrat mainstream media.

The so-called “Trump Supporter Blacklist” began in earnest during the 2016 Republican primaries, with pro-Ted Cruz CNN panelist Amanda Carpenter assembling the blacklist of Trump-supporting conservatives. When Trump won the New York and Indiana primaries over Cruz and locked up the delegate count heading to the convention in Cleveland, people like Carpenter vanished — no longer even on the CNN panel at the Dem convention in Philadelphia. At the convention, Trump locked up the delegate fight with the help of Paul Manafort, who told reporters on Day One that “This is a Trump convention.”

Paul Manafort is now in prison for his political beliefs.

Only the powerful elite from the Republican Party went with Hillary Clinton. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney cooked up a scheme to knock him off the ticket with the help of an opposition-research tape starring Bush family member Billy Bush. Bill Kristol went it alone on a bid to elect Evan McMullin in Utah to help Hillary Clinton win the electoral vote.

The people of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and elsewhere went with President Donald Trump.

While the mainstream media pushes the false and dying narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians, the fact of the matter is that Obama and Comey’s FBI allowed the Russians to hack into all personal identifying information of Americans — including facial recognition software — secretly compiled by President Barack Obama and James Comey in 14 different states. (READ THE BOMBSHELL REPORT HERE)

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