Mom Wins $100,000 Settlement With School That Allegedly Attempted to Transition Daughter

A mother and daughter were able to win a successful settlement with Spreckels Union School District in California following the school’s alleged attempt to socially transition her daughter, Alicia, without obtaining notification of this process.

The Center for American Liberty represented Jessica Konen in a lawsuit she launched against a school for allegedly recruiting her sixth grade daughter into an “Equality Club,” where she received teachings about bisexuality and transgender identity. The school allegedly was actively helping Alicia conceal her identity as a boy. The school provided her articles on how to prevent her parents from finding out about her new identity. On top of that, Alicia was allegedly allowed to use the unisex teachers’ restroom as opposed to the girl’s restroom without her parents knowing about it. 

“This is a huge win for Jessica and Alicia, and it’s also a win for parents across the country,” The Center for American Liberty declared in a press release, after making the $100,000 settlement. “Increasingly, schools are pushing radical gender ideology on young students and socially transitioning vulnerable children—without parental notification or consent.”

Cases like these demonstrate the dangers of allowing the cultural Left to take over government schooling. When they gain ground, the Left starts implementing all manner of freakshow measures that will fundamentally alter our society along degenerate lines. 

To protect our youth’s bodies and minds from demented social engineers, the Right must take back educational institutions from the Left. 


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