More Americans Blame George W. Bush for Afghanistan Disaster Than Any Other President

A poll of Americans taken after the disastrous Afghanistan pullout by U.S. forces has shown they primarily blame former president George W. Bush over any other U.S. president for the resounding loss in that country.

Nearly four-in-10 respondents to the poll believe that Bush is the most to blame over the humiliating Afghanistan disaster. In second place is Joe Biden, with 27 percent of Americans believing that he was most responsible for how he bungled the pullout. Former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump were further down on the list.

Even though the Bush doctrine has failed in Afghanistan, this has not stopped the revisionist neoconservatives from pretending like the pullout, not the entire failed war effort itself, was the entirety of the problem:

However, in actuality, it was only a matter of time before the Taliban regained control over Afghanistan. They took over instantly and were greeted by many as liberators after a multi-decade U.S. occupation that only served to enrich defense contractors and bolster the power and prestige of Pentagon bureaucrats at the expense of literally everyone else.

Big League Politics has reported on how foreign adversaries like Russia are laughing at the weakness of America as their woke military becomes an international joke:

Russia is gloating after the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan that has made a complete fool out of U.S. President Joe Biden.

Zamir Kabulov, who works as President Vladimir Putin’s special envoy to Afghanistan, noted that this was clearly not how the pull out was planned to go. This is another example of the spectacular failure of a dying, decaying empire whose best days are behind them.

“I think those behind these kinds of notions are trying to justify the failure of the Americans in Afghanistan and to make the case that this is a planned action,” Kabulov said of the Biden regime’s spin after the withdrawal.

The Russian embassy in the U.K. noted in a Twitter post that “the objective reality is that Washington’s comfortable position of US hegemony is receding into the past against the backdrop of the strengthening political positions of Russia and China.”

With the U.S. now abdicating the region, Russia is ready to step in and negotiate with the new valiant Taliban government, who have effectively declared victory over U.S. forces. The terrorists have won, and the neoconservative foreign policy pushed initially by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in the aftermath of 9/11 has been an epic disaster.”

The Bush-era foreign policy is an abject failure. Now, conservatives need to snap out of it and realize that the military-industrial complex is perhaps the most heinous and corrupt example of big government that operates out of Washington D.C.

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