MORE LAYOFFS: Vice Follows HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Cuts 250 Employees

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vice is expected to cut 10 percent of its workforce.

“Around 250 jobs are expected to be cut, a company spokeswoman tells The Hollywood Reporter, as the 2,500-person Vice reduces redundancies internationally and reorients to focus on growth areas like film and television production and branded content. All departments at every level are expected to have layoffs, from IT to finance to television,” the report said.

The layoffs come just a week after BuzzFeed and HuffPost announced cuts to their own staffs. All in all, it’s a tough time to be in the leftist fake news business.

“Having finalized the 2019 budget, our focus shifts to executing our goals and hitting our marks,” CEO Nancy Dubuc wrote in a memo to staff on Friday. “We will make Vice the best manifestation of itself and cement its place long into the future.”

Some of the employees who did not make the cut will be notified as early as Friday.

“Employees affected in the U.S., U.K. and Canada are expected to be notified today,” the report said. “The remainder of the cuts will take place over the coming weeks. Vice, whose employees recently ratified new contracts via WGA East, will pay out employee PTO and 10 weeks of severance and medical benefits in the U.S. Global separation packages will vary based on the country.”

PTO was a sticking point at BuzzFeed, as the company refused to pay it out to the laid off workers, which miffed the employed staff. More than 400 employees signed a petition demanding that the company pay out that PTO to the employees it fired.

Fortunately for the victims of the recent press layoffs, there are other ways in which they can contribute to society. For example, they can learn to code here.

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