More than 200 Americans estimated poisoned by at-home PCR test kits

Hospitals across to country are reporting a surge in calls due to exposure to a toxic chemical contained in the at-home PCR tests, The Epoch Times reported on Monday. 

The piece stated that “some at-home rapid COVID-19 tests contain” sodium azide, a chemical that can be harmful to adults and children. 

Sodium azide is a colorless, odorless powder that testers dip cotton swabs into. The chemical is found in herbicides, pest control agents, and airbags for cars,” The Epoch Times reported. 

Gee, who could have seen that one coming? Oh, I did and a select few in the alternative media did. 

In December, I reported on the media sheet released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) detailing the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test Kit that was part of the $3 billion, paid for by we the taxpayers, thrown out by Joe Biden to ship this kits to willing sheep to keep the casedemic going. 

The FDA media sheet admits the “solution in the tube contains a hazardous ingredient,” that being sodium azide. 

If the solution contacts the skin or eye, flush with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice,” the sheet states. It provides “potential risks” warnings of “possible discomfort during sample collection” and “possible incorrect test results.” 

One warning not given is the potential risk of death. Sodium azide has been known to cause death as detailed in a 1990 government study titled “Death following accidental sodium azide ingestion.” 

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the poison information center at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has seen a “surge in calls.” That hospital has recorded 38 poison cases due to exposure to sodium azide, according to Sheila Goertemoeller, pharmacist and clinical toxicologist for the center. 

“Several poison centers throughout the United States have reported sodium azide exposures from the COVID-19 test kits,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. “Goertemoeller estimated there have been 200-plus reported cases from the 55 poison centers nationwide.” 

WTSP out of Tampa, Florida reported that no deaths have been recorded yet, but at least a dozen cases of poisoning by the chemical have been reported in Florida since the test kits started shipping out. WTSP did go on to provide the needed narrative talking point to assure us they are submissive to the government: Again, no need to throw out these kits, health experts just say be mindful when using them.” 

Brian Shilhavy, for Vaccine Impact, was one of the few in the alternative media warning about the chemical in December. 

He recently wrote:  “Once again, those of us ‘conspiracy theorists’ in the alternative media were reporting the dangers of these home test kits months before the pharma-funded corporate media sources were.” 

I am quite sure new millionaires were made and new businesses were started simply because the U.S. Government gave them $3 BILLION to make these test kits.” 

Shilhavy goes on to note that from the masks to the ventilators to the jabs and everything else in between foisted on us under the banner of COVID-19 is “pure junk.” 

“NONE of these products would ever survive in a free market where people had to pay for them, because it would become well known that these products are junk, and everyone would stop buying them…. But instead, the Government buys them, and either gives them away free, or mandates their use as a requirement to participate in society,” Shilhavy wrote. 

He added: “And if something goes wrong with one of these fast-tracked products and you are harmed, or killed, you cannot sue the manufacturer. You have to try and sue the U.S. Government, and good luck with that.” 

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