MORE VIOLENCE: Portland Rioters Spit On, Attack Pedestrian With Baseball Bat

A gang of ANTIFA-linked Portland rioters viciously attacked and beat a small group of counterprotestors who oppose their criminal activity on Saturday night, with one antifa beating the man with a baseball bat and aggressively spitting at him.

It’s totally unclear if the Portland Police arrested the portly thug that attacked the two men with a baseball bat.

The ANTIFA mob, which is now intent on terrorizing residential communities after the federal police forced the city to fulfill their obligations to protect the Hatfield Courthouse, was seen lobbing objects as Portland police.

Portland police finally declared the violent assembly to be a riot shortly after the thug attacked counterprotestors with a bat. Attempts by scrawny antifas to combat the police were swiftly dealt with, although they’ll be back again tonight to commit crimes without the fear of criminal prosecution.

Portland DA Mike Schmidt announced last week that he would no longer prosecute the vast majority of ANTIFA criminals arrested for riot offenses, creating a qualified immunity for the left-wing gang to commit a wide variety of crimes. Only a select population of violent felony offenders will be prosecuted.

These violent criminals are acting with impunity and being treated as babies by Portland’s utterly feckless and pathetic left-wing government.

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