Mossad Let Its Staff Participate in Anti-Netanyahu Protests

According to a report published by Intelligence Online on March 8, 2023, Mossad employees were allowed to take part in anti-Netanyahu demonstrations throughout March. The reports noted that Mossad Director David Barnea gave the green light to employees to go out and protest against the Netanyahu regime’s judicial reforms.  

“The unprecedented mobilization against the prime minister’s far-right coalition government has started to gain support in the Israeli intelligence services and is also fuelling resistance among the country’s reservists,” stated Intelligence Online.

Although Barnea approved the request for roughly 7,000 Mossad employees to participate in the protests, about 300 senior officials and staff members were not allowed to engage in such activity.

Per the reports, officers of the Shin Bet internal security agency, which directly responds to the Israeli prime minister’s office, also asked for permission to take part in the protests.

That said, the Mossad agents were given the green light to participate in the protests provided that they did not reveal their line of work to other protesters. 

During this period, Israeli Air Force Commander Tomer Bar reportedly dismissed a reservist fighter pilot over his refusal to show up for training because of the judicial reforms.

The Times of Israel published the report following 37 out of 40 reserve pilots from the IAF’s 69th Squadron announcing the boycott of a training exercise that was set to take place on March 9.

The IAF Squadron 69 is one of Israel’s premier Air Force units and uses F-15 Thunderbird warplanes. It functions as one of Israel’s long-range strategic military units. On top of that, The Cradle noted that the IAF counts on reservists during combat periods, usually requiring individuals discharged for frequent training to guarantee combat readiness.   

The squadron pilots told their acting commander on March 5 that they would not be involved in additional training sessions or resume duty until the Netanyahu regime stops its judicial reforms.

A few days earlier, 700 Israeli activists urged the  Biden regime to impose sanctions on the Netanyahu regime in accordance with the Global Magnitsky Act of 2016, which is designed to target foreign officials for corruption and human rights abuses. These activists cited Netanyahu’s judicial reforms as the grounds for activating these sanctions.

Several reports have indicated that north of 70,000 protesters were present during the major protest on February 13. The Netanyahu regime’s judicial reform grants Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ultra-nationalist coalition partner’s government more power over who gets appointed to the country’s Supreme Court. Protests against the Netanyahu regime’s reforms have been going on for weeks.

Israel’s current right-wing nationalist government is ushering in reforms that could potentially turn the country into an illiberal, ethno-religious state that could make the Collective West leery about continuing to cooperate with it in the near future. The Jewish state is clearly at a turning point in its history. 

Should the country go in a hard-Right, ethno-religious direction, Israel may perhaps also be forced to look East and rely more on the Eurasian giants such as China and Russia for economic and security matters. That’s how things are beginning to shape out in the multipolar order.

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