MSNBC Anchor Explains He’s Leaving Fake News Channel Because of “Hyper-Partisan” Coverage

A weekend news anchor for MSNBC is explaining that he’s leaving the channel because of its constant political partisanship, instead taking a role at a local Miami news channel in order to cover stories that don’t necessarily amount to a political dopamine hit 100% of the time.

I wanted to get away from working in the hyper-partisan 24/7 political news space,” Kendis Gibson told Variety magazine on Tuesday. “This is a good chance to anchor a newscast that covers the full gamut of the news cycle which I love, including world news, entertainment news, human interest stories and stories important to local communities — and in an awesome city with a big commitment to local news from the top down.

Gibson is taking a role at CBS Miami. He’s hosted weekend news coverage at MSNBC since 2019, previously working for ABC and CNN.

Ex-employees of MSNBC have attested to the channel’s culture of fervent political partisanship, revealing they were routinely bullied into providing political “news” coverage favorable to leading liberal oligarchs and the Democratic Party.

Ratings of corporate news channels have plummeted during Joe Biden’s presidency, with networks such as CNN and MSNBC still routinely delivering “Trump TV” editorial “news” coverage a year after the former President left office. Some metrics have ascribed a 90% reduction of ratings to CNN, with media critics pointing to hosts such as Brian Stelter as fake journalists that spend even more time criticizing the news coverage of Fox News than scrutinizing federal or local government.

Even conservative media has broadly incurred a slight decline in ratings in the aftermath of what some considered a media-driven Trump-based reality show, although channels critical of President Joe Biden have retained far more of their viewership than the mainstream media.

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