MSNBC Attacks Race of Rittenhouse Trial Jurors After Being Banned From Courtroom for Intimidation

NBC News attacked the jurors who served on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial for their race in coverage of the verdict, pointing to the “nearly all white jury,” just days after all employees of the network were banned from the courtroom after an attempt to intimidate the men and women serving on the jury.

Judge Bruce Schroeder restricted any and all personnel from MSNBC from the courthouse after a freelancer hired by the network followed a jury bus to a staging point, hoping to identify and doxx jurors by taking pictures of their license plates. (MSNBC is a subordinate entity of NBC News.)

NBC’s coverage of the verdict slammed the jury for being “nearly all white.” One man who served on the jury is thought to be Hispanic, although attempts to racially categorize the jurors are mere speculation people who were present in the courtroom.

The attack on the jury- for not delivering the “right” verdict sought by emotional progressives unconcerned with the evidentiary findings of the self-defense trial- appears to substantiate arguments that MSNBC was seeking to perform jury intimidation with its freelancer’s actions, an act that distinguishes the corporate news outlet’s actions from real journalism and qualifies as (illegal) courtroom intimidation.

A statement from NBC tried to gaslight the public, alleging that the freelancer in question never tried to contact the jurors. Such a task would’ve been left up to progressive intimidationists, with the corporate news outlet seeking to act as the middleman.

The galling lapse in ethics could potentially jeopardize NBC’s standing to qualify for courtroom access in further politically charged trials, with the network’s willingness to engage in illegal acts and attack juries rendering it unfit to cover legal proceedings.

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