MSNBC Broadcasts Graphic Suggesting That White Nationalist Richard Spencer Worked in White House

The virulently anti-Trump network MSNBC published a graphic on their network indicating that white nationalist Richard Spencer had worked in the White House this weekend.

The fake news provider mixed up the infamous white nationalist with the former Navy Secretary who was recently fired for insubordination. It is unclear whether this mistake was committed due to malice or incompetence. They had to apologize for the mistake.

“I want to make a quick correction. This is a pretty big correction. Earlier in the segment as we were talking about former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, we mistakenly showed the wrong image of white supremacist Richard Spencer,” MSNBC host Joy Reid said.

The apology can be seen here:

The deposed former Navy secretary recently released an op/ed in which he complained about his former boss President Trump. His dismissal largely stemmed from a disagreement over the treatment of Navy seal Eddie Gallagher, who Trump has advocated for publicly.

“Given my desire to resolve a festering issue,” Spencer wrote. “I tried to find a way that would prevent the president from further involvement while trying all avenues to get Gallagher’s file in front of a peer-review board.”

“I also began to work without personally consulting Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper on every step. That was, I see in retrospect, a mistake for which I am solely responsible,” Spencer added, describing his insubordination.

President Trump made a declaration on the issue via Twitter that stopped Spencer’s scheming dead in his tracks.

“I recognized that the tweet revealed the president’s intent. But I did not believe it to be an official order, chiefly because every action taken by the president in the case so far had either been a verbal or written command,” he wrote.

“The rest,” Spencer concludes, “is history. We must now move on and learn from what has transpired. The public should know that we have extensive screening procedures in place to assess the health and well-being of our forces. But we must keep fine-tuning those procedures to prevent a case such as this one from happening again.”

As for the white nationalist sharing the same name, the fake news has desperately tried to tie him to President Trump for years. The fringe right-wing figure has often made it easy for them to do so with his rhetoric.

“There is no question that Charlottesville wouldn’t have occurred without Trump,” Spencer said. “It really was because of his campaign and this new potential for a nationalist candidate who was resonating with the public in a very intense way.“

“He changed the paradigm and made this kind of public presence of the alt-right possible,” he added.

MSNBC and other fake news entities will continue to use deceit to undermine President Trump’s agenda, regardless of how often they are caught doing so.

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