MSNBC “Pundit” Claims that a Faction of The Republican Party is “Completely Pro-Putin”

Elise Jordan, a political analyst who frequently contributes to MSNBC, asserted that “one side” of the Republican Party was “pro-Putin” on December 22, 2022. Jordan’s statement came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech before Congress.

“I wonder, though, who is going to prevail in this fight, just because the Republicans who do support giving more aid to Ukraine — they are at somewhat of a disadvantage in the media cycle and the media that Republican voters are listening to right now,” Elise Jordan said to “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough about the growing debate among Republicans over sending military aid to Ukraine.

Congress tacked on $45 billion in aid to Ukraine in the latest $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that the United States Senate passed on December 22, Prior taxpayer-funded assistance to Ukraine roughly totaled over $52 billion.  Several House Republicans such as Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene want to implement an audit of the economic and military aid sent to Ukraine.

“And so what you see with these lawmakers mirrors what you hear from Republican voters, who one side completely is pro-Putin, the other side is very traditional Republican, ‘we’ve got to counter Russian aggression,’” Jordan added. “And so in this new fight, who is going to prevail? That’s the big question, looming question that I’m watching in 2023 when Congress resumes.”

Indeed, the level of political discourse in the US has deteriorated so much that any reasonable criticism of US foreign policy is met with accusations of treason and colluding with one of America’s geopolitical rivals. This has to change if we want any form of rationality to be brought back to US policymaking. 

Ultimately, an America First takeover of the levers of political power and the full-blown ascent of alternative media is needed to ensure that true dissident politics becomes the norm in the US. 

Legacy institutions have to be rendered irrelevant if real political progress is to be made on foreign policy and a host of other issues that America First nationalists hold dearly. 

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