Mueller: Trump Not a ‘Criminal Target’ in Russia Investigation

Robert Mueller, Facebook

After 15 long months of investigating alleged collusion between President Donald J. Trump and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign, it turns out that Trump is still not a suspect in the investigation.

“Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III informed President Trump’s attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate the president but does not consider him a criminal target at this point, according to three people familiar with the discussions,” said a Washington Post report.

Instead, Trump is a “subject,” apparently meaning that there is suspicion that he has engaged in conduct that is sufficient to warrant an investigation, but not criminal charges.

To be perfectly clear, after 15 months of investigating the president, with the media maligning him at every turn as a Russian stooge, generating countless false “bombshell” reports that were sure to have Trump hanged for treason – many now retracted –  the president is not even a suspect in the very investigation that was launched against him.

“The special counsel also told Trump’s lawyers that he is preparing a report about the president’s actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice,” said the WaPo report.

Of course, the conspiracy theorists on the left are still holding out hope, that Trump will land in some sort of hot water.

“Even if he thinks Trump cant be indicted in office, he could be the moment he leaves, meaning h’e [sic] not technically a target until that time,” tweeted blogger Jennifer Rubin.

“What Mueller said: Trump is a “subject” of the Russia investigation not a “target,”‘ said author and Huffington Post contributor Kimberley Johnson. “What Trump heard: President Trump and his huge hands are innocent of everything. His 2016 victory was legitimate and he has great hair.”

At this point, the Democrats reek of desperation.

This report comes on the heels of Trump’s late January sanctions against Russia for their occupation of Crimea, and violence in eastern Ukraine. In late March, trump expelled 60 Russian diplomats from the United States, and in a nearly unprecedented move, closed the Russian consulate in Seattle after the Russian government was accused of poisoning an ex-spy in Britain.

It goes without saying that these moves do not comport with the narrative that Trump is somehow in cahoots with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the media has given them little attention in comparison with the time they have spent accusing Trump of doing Russia’s bidding.

Even with today’s latest development, the wide-ranging Russian collusion investigation marches forward with near impunity, and will likely continue for months, if not years longer.

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