MULTICULTURALISM: Over 500 Hate Crimes Were Perpetrated Against European Christians in 2019

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has documented over 500 hate crimes against Christians in 2019, as immigration sweeps across the continent thanks to globalist entities like the European Union and the United Nations.

These hate crimes have included attacking Catholic priests, committing arson attacks on churches, stealing the holy communion from churches, desecrating images of the blessed Virgin Mary, and vandalizing a pregnancy counseling facility. France had the most recorded hate crimes against Christians, with 144 attacks last year. Germany had 81 attacks last year, with 75 attacks in Spain, and 70 attacks in Italy.

Big League Politics has reported on how multiculturalism has turned Europe into a dystopian hellscape while elected officials look the other way, with anti-Christian violence becoming a regular occurrence amidst the forced Islamification of the continent:

Christianity has become the most persecuted religion in the world in recent years, and this fact is obvious looking at Europe where vandalism and terror are rapidly becoming part and parcel of the cultural landscape.

The Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians is reporting that attacks on Christianity as well as vandalism of churches and monuments are rising steeply. In France alone, anti-Christian attacks have quadrupled from 2008 to 2019, as the Muslim invasion has taken hold.

The mainstream media and the Catholic Church have been unwilling to speak about this persecution, as it gets in the way of their social justice narrative of pushing for third-world Muslim refugees to overwhelm the West. They have largely swept this epidemic under the rug, allowing it to worsen exponentially in recent years…

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is calling for more tolerance of the religion of Islam and refuses to call out the religion’s adverse effect on Catholics and other Christians throughout the globe.

“Some may ask, ‘But why does the pope visit the Muslims and not only the Catholics?’” Pope Francis said earlier this year.

“With Muslims, we are descendants of the same father, Abraham,” he added. “What God wants is fraternity between us in a special way.”

Meanwhile, Muslim rape gangs ravage the entirety of Europe as children are regularly victimized with the perpetrators often given leniency by the liberal courts.

The rape of Western Civilization is at hand, and America is not far behind Europe in terms of despair and destruction.

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