MUST WATCH: Los Angeles Democrat District Attorney’s Husband Pulls Gun on Black Lives Matter Protestors with His Finger on the Trigger

The husband of Los Angeles’ District Attorney pointed a gun at Black Lives Matter protestors who arrived on his front porch on Monday.

I will shoot you… Get off of my porch.” David Lacey is the husband of Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles’ Democratic District Attorney.

Lacey has made herself a target of criticism for the city’s Black Lives Matter movement for a perceived unwillingness to prosecute law enforcement officers involved in deadly incidents with Black residents of the city.

Jackie Lacey’s husband used a gun in an extremely inappropriate and dangerous fashion during the incident, brandishing it when there was no reason to believe that the protestors who had rung on the front door were violent.

David Lacey’s wife apologized for her husband’s actions when speaking to local media a few hours after the incident. She stated that “his response was in fear.” It’s unclear why Lacey thought he had to fear people who were casually ringing on his door, even if their actions were aggravating or borderline harassing.

Some of Lacey’s progressive critics claim that she allowed Democratic superdonor Ed Buck to abuse young black men without repercussions. Buck was finally arrested after the third overdose death of a young man in his residence- a pattern that he was essentially allowed to repeat twice before facing criminal charges.

It appears that community spirit isn’t thriving in reliably Democratic communities such as Los Angeles. The city has one of the most progressive municipal governments in the country, but that doesn’t seem to have done much to inspire trust from city residents.

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