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2018 Midterms

MUST WATCH: Trump ‘Acts Presidential’ At Tampa Rally Tuesday Night



During a rally in Tampa, Fla. Tuesday evening, Trump joked with the crowd about “acting presidential” by walking back and forth across the stage as stiff as a board as well as “speaking presidential” to reiterate the fact that he’s UNLIKE any president we’ve ever had. I often wonder how different our nation will be when we have to eventually watch President Donald Trump leave office. We will just have to cross that bridge when we get there, seven years from now.

President Trump, speaking to the large crowd said, “Remember I said, when I’d be a little bit wild and we’d have a lot of fun. And they would say, ‘He’s not acting presidential’. And I’d say, ‘well, it’s a lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do’. Anyone can act presidential.”

Trump then strutted back and forth across the stage, with a flat expression on his face and walking as stiff as a board-turning his body all at once as if he had an invisible neck brace on as well.

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Trump also went into speaking “presidential” by imitating previous presidents in how monotone and stiff they come across to the public.

He gave an example of what “speaking presidential” sounds like to the Florida crowd, speaking in a monotone voice with little to no emotion, Trump says, “Ladies and gentlemen of the state of Florida, thank you very much for being here. You are tremendous people and I will leave now because I’m boring you to death.” Then he walks “presidentially” away from the podium.

He returns to the podium while the crowd laughs and says, “No, but I said..I used to tell them all the time, the fake news, I’d say I can be more presidential than any president in history except for possibly Abe Lincoln with the big hat. I don’t know. Abe, Abe looked pretty presidential right? What do you think? He’s tough. He’s tough. I admit it Abe Lincoln is tough! But we love Abe Lincoln.”

Trump bringing up the “acting presidential” statements were based loosely around a poll that showed him as “the most popular Republican in history of the Party” with a whopping 90% approval rating among Republicans. Trump has recently brought up the poll on Twitter as well.

The rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa on Tuesday was the 36th the president has held in the state, with the president delivering a hearty endorsement for Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis.

The president also took a shot at Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Trump has maintained a steady presence in Florida, but says the only time he ever sees Nelson is “five months before every election.” He added, “After a while, you forget who’s the senator.” Sen. Bill Nelson is being challenged by Trump ally, Gov. Rick Scott and Trump says he wants to ensure that Scott “wins and wins big.”

Trump described DeSantis as “a tough, brilliant cookie,” and predicted DeSantis to win in his race against Adam Putnam, Agricultural Commissioner for the state’s August 28th Republican primary.

With immense approval ratings among Republican voters, the president has recently endorsed several candidates in South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and now Florida, helping to set the stage for elections this fall.

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