‘My P*ssy Good…F*ck Me All Night’: Texas All-Ages Drag Queen Event Subjects Kids to Vile Perverted Strip Show

Video from an “all ages” drag queen brunch in Plano, Tex. shows children being subjected to a strip show from a perverted drag queen as vile, sexually-explicit music plays in the background.

The shocking footage can be seen here:

Sara Gonzales of The Blaze TV reported that the event was held at the restaurant Ebb & Flow, a venue that regularly holds drag queen brunch events. They are put on by a group that calls themselves Texas International Productions (TIP).

Big League Politics has reported on drag queen events featuring children becoming havens for predators looking for fresh, young victims to groom:

After revealing that Houston public libraries allowed a sex offender to groom children at controversial ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ programs, the Houston MassResistance whistle-blower group has found that another pedophile has been given intimate access to young children at these perverted events.

Houston MassResistance uncovered that William Travis Dees, who is a member of a draq queen group called the “Space City Sisters,” has been participating in Drag Queen Story Hour events in the town. Dees is a child sex offender who brags about his time as a transgender prostitute.

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