MyPillow Founder Mike Lindell is Accused of Defamation, Taking Legal Advice From Jeffrey Epstein Pal Alan Dershowitz

Christian independent news outlet TruNews is accusing MyPillow founder Mike Lindell of making libelous statements about their organization after they covered his recent Cyber Symposium in South Dakota.

TruNews founder Rick Wiles addressed the situation by giving a comment to clear the record. Wiles said that they covered the Cyber Symposium fairly and accurately, noting that Lindell’s claims of unassailable evidence of election fraud were not backed up by the presentations at his event.

Wiles said that the TruNews team “refrained from commenting on the evidence, or lack of evidence, that Mr. Lindell presented in Sioux Falls, South Dakota,” adding “that a member of Mr. Lindell’s team admitted to Edward Szall that the 37 terabytes of data in Mr. Lindell’s possession are corrupted, meaning it is useless in a court of law as evidence.”

After Wiles commented on a TruNews program about the lack of evidence presented at Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, this is when Wiles claims Lindell began making unhinged and defamatory claims about his organization in a desperate attempt to protect his waning credibility.

“He specifically named TruNews. Mr. Lindell said that TruNews was a product of Media Matters, a leftwing organization that is partially funded by billionaire George Soros,” Wiles said. “Mr. Lindell also accused TruNews of secretly working with Antifa, a radical network of domestic terrorists. He accused TruNews of providing media credentials to Antifa agents to enter his meeting.”

Wiles noted that TruNews was credentialed by Lindell’s event to cover it extensively for three days, and this would be an instance of grotesque incompetence on Lindell’s part if he let Antifa infiltrators into his symposium without vetting them first. Wiles believes that Lindell’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, the long-time Jeffrey Epstein associate who was allegedly an avid participant in his child sex ring, is feeding Lindell this false information.

“Mr. Lindell’s wild accusations against TruNews are reckless and defamatory. His team is feeding him inaccurate information about us. We are demanding that Mr. Lindell immediately retract his accusations and apologize to TruNews. This is our last request from Mike Lindell to do the right thing: admit he made a terrible mistake, retract his defamatory accusations, and publicly apologize to Trunews,” Wiles said.

“One more thing Mr. Lindell: Your apology should come with a one million dollar donation to TruNews to compensate for the damage you have done to us with your wild, reckless accusations,” he added.

Lindell’s Cyber Symposium was a huge bust, and he has followed up his failure by attacking an independent news outlet for telling the plain truth. The election fraud fight has become a laughingstock in the eyes of millions of Americans, and Lindell’s apparent incompetence is not helping matters.

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