NANNY STATE: San Francisco Bans E-Cigarettes

The city of San Francisco, known for the massive amount of human waste that has accumulated in its streets due to a homelessness crisis, stepped in it Tuesday when it decided to focus its attention on – of all things – E-cigarettes.

“The first major city in the country to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes, San Francisco, is the home of Juul,” said reporter Scott Budman on Twitter. “SF also recently approved a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco and a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks.”

Adding insult to injury, Juul bought a 28-story office building in San Francisco last week, spending an estimated $400,000 million on the real estate.

E-cigarettes have become a favorite target unelected, executive branch regulators – especially the Juul brand which took the market by storm and undoubtably cut into the profits of major tobacco companies, who have huge lobbying power in Washington, D.C. The official explanation for the targeting of such companies is that flavored E-cigarettes are attractive to minors, and that young people are becoming more readily addicted to nicotine.

In October, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did a surprise inspection of Juul’s headquarters, seizing thousands of documents from the company. The FDA later banned the sale of flavored E-cigarette products in gas stations and convenience stores.

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