NASHVILLE: Explosion Reported in Hotel Outside of Airport, Four Hospitalized

Law enforcement and emergency responders rushed to the scene of an explosion that happened earlier today in a hotel room outside of Nashville’s BNA international airport.

The HomeTowne Studios, Nashville Airport hotel had to be evacuated at 3:30pm on Sunday because of the massive explosion. Four individuals had to be hospitalized, and one person was seen running down the hall in extreme pain following the blast.

Four people had to be hospitalized, with one individual suffering from third degree burns being treated for their critical injuries. Several gallons of gasoline exploded in the room, and mysteries still remain about what actually caused the blast.

The fire marshal is currently investigating the explosion, and police have yet to determine whether a criminal investigation will be warranted. The hotel has sustained structural damage, and the blast blew out the windows in the room. The hotel will be shut down until further notice pending further repairs.

This comes shortly after news of two separate mass shootings yesterday that have rocked the public consciousness and polarized the country even further.

Law enforcement also apprehended a suspect on Thursday who was allegedly planning another mass shooting in Lubbock, TX.

It has been an incredibly deadly weekend in America, as the nation continues to fracture under the strain of globalism and multiculturalism.

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