Nashville Mass Shooter’s Manifesto is Leaked, Showcasing Unhinged, Anti-White Views

On November 6, 2023, “Louder with Crowder” host Steven Crowder posted pages from the alleged manifesto of the Nashville Covenant School on X, formerly known as Twitter. Per the leaked pages of the manifesto, the murderer of six people, Audrey Hale, aimed to kill “cr*ckers” with “white privileges.”

The memo ravings have been sealed since the March 27 murder spree. Law enforcement shot and killed Hale was shot and killed several minutes after the shooting occurred.

“Kill those kids!!!” Hale wrote in a leaked page of the manifesto. “Those cr*ckers going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks, with their daddies [sic] Mustangs and convertibles. F*** you little sh**s. I wish to shoot you weaka** d***s w/ your mop yellow hair. Wanna kill all you little cr*ckers!!! Bunch of little f***ots with your white privileges. F*** you f***ots.”

In the manifesto, Hale also wrote, “I hope I have a high death count … God let my wrath take over my anxiety.” 

Further, the murderer outlined a schedule of the day of the shooting in great detail.

“I’m a little nervous, but excited, too,” Hale wrote in the manifesto. “Been excited for the past 2 weeks. There were several times I could’ve been caught, especially back in the summer of 2021. None of that matters now. I am almost an hour and 7 minutes away. Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready … I hope my victims aren’t.”

Hale said in a concluding remark: “Ready to die haha.”

The child killer reportedly wrote at least 20 journals, a suicide note and a memoir, per court filings, which law enforcement  recovered at the scene of the crime and at her parents’ home.

Per officials, Hale was being treated for an unspecified emotional disorder and planned out  the mass shooting for months in advance and studied other mass shootings. During the mass shooting incident, Hale was armed with two rifles, a handgun, and a significant amount of  ammunition.

The insanity that the transgender industrial complex has unleashed on America is only just the beginning. 

The encouragement of anti-social behavior by cultural elites and the use of exogenous hormones by deranged individuals to try to alter their biology is a recipe for all sorts of social trouble.

Red state governments cannot let this type of social dysfunction persist. Serious right-wing legislators would do everything possible to implement measures that limit the transgender industrial complex’s influence. 

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