Nathan Phillips Pushes Conservative Journalist, Runs Away When Confronted Over Covington Students

Nathan Phillips Pushes Journalist Runs Away

The typically media friendly Nathan Phillips pushed a Breitbart News video journalist and filmmaker then ran away from the camera after being asked about the controversy surrounding the Covington Catholic teens.

After speaking at a Washington, D.C. protest against President Donald J. Trump’s use of a national emergency declaration to build the United States-Mexico border wall, Breitbart News video journalist Matthew Perdie attempted to ask Phillips about his interaction with the Covington teens. Phillips immediately pushed Perdie and his camera away, then fled the scene while making bizarre and comical hand gestures to block his face from the camera.

“Hi Nathan, why did you approach the high school Catholic kids?” asked Perdie, only to be shoved by Phillips as he ran from the scene while comically raising his hands behind him to obscure himself from the camera’s lens.

A man who appears to be part of Phillips’ group then blocked Perdie’s camera, and asked the video journalist what outlet he works for.

“I work for Breitbart, sir,” Perdie said in response, “Why did [Phillips] assault me?”

“He didn’t assault you, he didn’t touch you,” the man shot back, “You got in his face.”

Speaking to The Gateway Pundit, Perdie said “He pushed me and immediately fled after I asked him the question.”

While this interaction lacks the benefit of a third party recording it to give a full perspective of the physical interaction between the activist and the journalist, it is worth noting that Big League Politics heard from a lawyer who believes Phillips also assaulted the Covington teens while chanting and banging his drum mere inches from the face of Nicholas Sandmann, one of the students.

Big League Politics reported last month:

However, it is now becoming clear that the crime of assault under D.C. Code § 22–404 was committed against the Catholic boys primarily (but not only) by Native American activist Nathan Phillips.  Phillips then massively lied about the incident to local news media. The video proves Phillips lied about every detail.

About a dozen of those angry left-wing activists are guilty of the crime of disorderly conduct under D.C. Code 22-1321 when they left the site of their protest and approached a group of teenage boys visiting D.C. from Covington Catholic school in a threatening manner, and entered into the students’ group to spark a confrontation. “Disorderly conduct” includes the leftists creating the imminent danger of inciting a brawl.

This month, private investigators hired by the Catholic Diocese of Covington released a report completely exonerating the teens of any wrongdoing, and raising more questions about Phillips’ increasingly inconsistent story.

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