National Association for Gun Rights Unveils Nominees for First Annual Traitor of the Year (TOTY) Award

On May 11, 2023, the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR)  released its list of nominees for the organization’s inaugural Traitor of the Year (TOTY) Award for Republican elected officials with the worst anti-gun voting record from the 2023 legislative session.

“Every year, self-proclaimed pro-gun Republicans throw their gun owning constituents under the bus by voting for gun control and gutting pro-gun legislation,” declared Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

The TOTY Award’s purpose is to expose treasonous politicians for their political misbehavior and deny them the political cover they desperately seek for selling out gun owners. 

In a press release, NAGR listed off several of the nominees for the 2023 TOTY award:

Matt Hall (MI-HD-42) As the House Minority leader, Hall joined with Democrats in voting for mandatory storage (AKA “home intruder head start gun control”).

Justin Holland (TX-HD-33) Holland joined Democrats to kill HB 1894, a bill that would block “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation from ever becoming law in Texas.

Randy Wood (AL-HD-36) Wood is nominated for introducing a ban on common aftermarket triggers.

Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-CD-4) Congressman Fitzpatrick introduced H.R. 715, a sweeping Universal Gun Registration bill.

Suzanne Geist (NE-SD-25) Geist voted for handgun registration and was an outspoken opponent of Constitutional Carry. She later resigned in disgrace.

Bill Lee (TN-GOV) Gov. Lee is nominated for praising President Biden’s “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation agenda and pledging to call a special session to force a “Red Flag” vote in Tennessee.

Sam Harless (TX-HD-126) Harless joined Democrats to Kill HB 1894, a bill that would block “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation from ever becoming law in Texas.

Kathleen Passidomo (FL-SD-28) Passidomo is nominated for publicly opposing open carry, in turn, watering down Florida’s permit-less carry law.

Sarah Stevens (NC-HD-90) As the Chairman of House Judiciary 2, Stevens led the committee that neutered Constitutional Carry by injecting a training requirement into the bill.

Luke Rankin (SC-SD-33) Rankin is nominated for using his power as Judiciary Committee Chairman to hold Constitutional Carry hostage and pushing a “voluntary” do not sell gun registry which permanently bans law-abiding citizens from gun ownership.  

In June at the Western Conservative Summit, NAGR will announce the winner of this award. NAGR is the premier no compromise gun lobby in the US and boasts 4.5 million members. 

Any gun owner who desires the full restoration of the Second Amendment, would be wise to donate to NAGR. They can make donations here.

NAGR is one of the few organizations that can be counted on to defend the Second Amendment no matter the circumstances. More organizations will need to step up to the plate if we want to witness a full restoration of the Second Amendment in our lifetimes.

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