National Conference On Citizenship Recruits Volunteers to Surveil And Target “Misinformation”

The National Conference on Citizenship has recently been complaining about how the lawsuit that kicked off the Missouri v. Biden (now Murthy v. Missouri) case could potentially create “a chilling effect” on its pro-censorship work.

The NCoC believes the lawsuit is “infamous” for its attempt to halt the government’s attempts to pressure tech companies to carry out its censorship agenda. 

At this event, speakers talked about how they recruit so-called individuals who are tasked with monitoring social media and flag content as “misinformation.” One report labeled these individuals as “volunteer censors.” 

The National Conference on Citizenship is a congressionally chartered organization, according to Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net. This organization is part of a network that is searching for “misinformation” in private messages.

Rankovic noted that during the 2020 US presidential elections, online censorship was largely being carried out by the government. The public “face” of this government program was the Election Integrity Partnership, which started with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

After being placed under public scrutiny by elected officials and the grassroots public “the censorship industry” has been looking for ways to retool its anti-free speech strategy.

One way the anti-free speech forces are pivoting is by using civil society organizations and individual citizens as vehicles of censorship. The Foundation for Freedom Online noted that NCoC’s Algorithmic Transparency Institute (ATI) calls this process “Civic Listening.”

Simply put, individuals are turned into censors and spies of public and private speech on apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, which are allegedly designed to protect users owing to the encryption features on these apps.

The forces of tyranny never rest. Even when they’re temporarily defeated, they turn to unconventional measures to move forward with their despotic program. This is why the Right must be prepared for all manner of unorthodox threats and be ready to use prudential state force to quell these threats.

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