National Hockey League Declares War on Trump Supporters? Former Trump Campaign Staffer Reveals Chilling Account of Political Persecution

A North Carolina Trump campaign staffer revealed a chilling allegation of political persecution on Wednesday, detailing his account of being fired from a charter plane company merely for his previous employment with the Donald Trump campaign.

Dawson Buchanan went public with his account of being purged from his job by the National Hockey League on Tuesday night, hours after an associate alluded to an instance of political blacklisting. Buchanan had been hired to work for a private jet concierge company that provides transit services to the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes.

The NHL itself allegedly made the demand that Private Jet Services fire Buchanan, solely on the basis of his experience working for Donald Trump’s campaign.

Buchanan explains that the company’s owner caved to corporate demands to fire Buchanan, openly admitting that his firing was entirely political in a conversation with the now-unemployed. The owner of Private Jet Services allegedly threatened to defame Buchanan and take bogus legal action if he went public with his claims of political persecution.

Big League Politics has reached out to the NHL, Private Jet Services, and the Carolina Hurricanes for comment.

Ironically, hockey’s following arguably trends more conservative than the fan bases of other American professional sports. They don’t seem to care how the league’s own fan base will react to treating Trump supporters as second class citizens; it’s an imperative to enact discrimination for any “responsible” corporation.

The NHL is no longer worthy of the attention span-let alone the money- of Republicans, right-wingers, and conservatives. Sports have great value to youth insofar they’re directly competing, it’s time to look beyond the meaningless spectacle of a left-wing corporation that detests you and your values.

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