National Rifle Association Endorses Jeff Sessions Over Tommy Tuberville

The National Rifle Association has endorsed Jeff Sessions over Tommy Tuberville in the upcoming Alabama Senate Republican primary runoff.

The gun rights advocacy group announced the endorsement in a press release Friday.

Jeff Sessions has a concrete and spotless record as a defender of the Second Amendment, as evidenced by his A+ career score from the NRA as a Senator and Attorney General.

Another letter from the NRA addressed to the Sessions campaign breaks down his accomplishments in protecting gun rights. The gun rights group cites Sessions’ shutdown of Operation Choke Point as Attorney General, an Obama administration program that sought to bully banks and financial institutions to shut off lawful gun stores and retailers from using their services.

His opponent, Tommy Tuberville, has no real record. He never even went so far as to support a Republican candidate for office before he himself ran for the Senate, let alone actually do anything to protect the Second Amendment from authoritarian liberals.

Tuberville is declining to debate Sessions on the issues facing Alabamians. The former football coach has aroused some suspicions from conservatives from his questionable policy positions on immigration. Tuberville has claimed that the United States “needs” 100,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border every month to provide cheap labor for big businesses. He’s hired Mark Zuckerberg’s former point man for pushing amnesty within the Republican Party as a campaign consultant.

The runoff election for the primary will be held March 31st. The winner will go on to face Democrat Doug Jones in the November general election.



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