Nationalist YouTuber Vincent James Was Kicked off YouTube

On August 25, 2020, America First YouTuber Vincent James was suspended from YouTube.

His main channel The Red Elephants and his backup channels Vincent James, and The Daily Reaction were taken down that day.

America First commentator Jon Miller Tweeted, “Vincent James banned from YouTube. All he does is provide facts and statistics. (That’s literally his whole show.) BLM and its insidious allies have successfully led us to the era ++ submitting to the safety of unthinking orthodoxy and re-education.”

Vincent James has been one of the most vocal America First voices on social media.

His work has exposed the dangers of mass migration, and more importantly, has demonstrated how post-1965 immigration voting trends spell electoral doom for the Republican Party.

Vincent James was previously banned from Twitter during the 2018 midterms.

Social media titans are flexing in 2020 and making sure that any hardcore nationalist voices are wiped off the map in order to prevent any kind of nationalist backlash from occurring.

Vincent James can still be followed on Instagram, Telegram, Bitchute, and DLive.

If the GOP wants to remain politically relevant, it will need a robust social media reform program that protects online speech from both governments and massive corporations.

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