NATO is Using Russia’s Supposed Threat in the Arctic to Justify its Existence

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, claims that Russia’s military assets in the Arctic allegedly pose a threat to the Western military alliance in the region.

During a visit to Canada on August 26, 2022 Stoltenberg blamed Russia of carrying out “a significant military buildup” in the Arctic.

Stoltenberg asserted that Russia has reopened hundreds of Soviet-era facilities in the Arctic. The NATO secretary general also claimed that Russia tested new weapons systems in the Arctic. 

In light of these developments, NATO felt compelled to ramp up its military presence across northern Europe.

“The shortest path to North America for Russian missiles and bombers would be over the North Pole,” Stoltenberg stated.  

“This makes NORAD’s [North American Aerospace Defense Command] role vital for North America and therefore also for NATO,” he continued.

In the past, Russia has expressed concerns about NATO trying to establish a military footprint in the Arctic. 

With Finland and Sweden set to join NATO, Russian security leaders fear that NATO will try to use the two Nordic countries as a launchpad for military operations in the Arctic.  

Yet again, NATO shows its expansionist tendencies. If NATO wants to throw down with Russia, they can knock themselves out. The US should have no business in this. That’s why America First leadership is needed to pull the US out of NATO.

Continuing to stay in this alliance will increase the likelihood that the US will be dragged into a broader military conflict. 

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