NATO Parasites Demand Stronger Partnership With Big Tech to Spread Propaganda During Ukraine War

NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges David van Weel declared on February 17, 2023 that NATO should work with technology companies due to the unique work they have carried out in Ukraine.

“The work that companies like Microsoft and Google have been doing in Ukraine is really unique,” he stated, per The Record.

Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net reported that “Google and Microsoft’s cloud services have been used to host the Ukrainian government’s IT infrastructure.” On top of that, these companies have been involved in threat intelligence together with other cybersecurity companies to smoke out anti-Ukraine online campaigns.

“When the war broke out with a large cyber component in it, that support from the private sector was crucial in keeping defenses up,” van Weel said to The Record at the Munich Security Conference.

“We all have to realize that a large part of the infrastructure that we’re talking about is in private hands.” Van Weel noted that the private sector has abilities that most nation states can’t pull off.

“We need to think about how we get a more structural cooperation with these vital companies for cybersecurity,” van Weel noted.

“It’s not like deals are being made here, or that communiques are being negotiated here. But the fact that all these important players are here, provides for an excellent opportunity to catch up and get up to speed on what’s happening in the world,” he continued.

Van Weel asserted that innovation is having an impact in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

“Although it looks like a very conventional conflict, including trenches like in World War One — artillery fire, the use of tanks, aircraft, you name it — there is a large innovative angle to this war. And fortunately, it’s mostly coming out on the Ukrainian side,” he stated.

He cited the example of Ukraine using natural language processing tools to immediately translate intercepted Russian communication and analyze these conversations for intelligence means. 

“By doing that in an automated way, you’re able to filter out information that is of interest, from a defensive point of view,” he said.

Van Weel continued by noting that “in this day and age” gathering information is not enough. It’s more about “filtering the information that is in abundance, and then validating within that large stack of information, the intelligence that you need. I think that’s what this war is now showing, that there’s so much information that the trick is — partly automated, partly human — how to make sense of that and make it useful.”

NATO will do everything possible to work with Big Tech to carry out its globalist agenda. The fact is that Big Tech functions as a private arm of the national security state and is a willing participant in whatever schemes the political class has in mind to undermine Americans’ interests. 

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