NATO Secretary General Says NATO Membership is Still Open for Ukraine

At a press conference on November 25, 2022, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the door to NATO membership for Ukraine is still open.

“NATO’s door is open and we have demonstrated that not only in words, but also in deeds,” he stated, highlighting recent additions to NATO such as Montenegro (2017) and North Macedonia (2020). In 2022, Finland and Sweden recently filed applications for NATO membership. “So we have demonstrated that NATO’s door is open and that it is for NATO allies and aspirant countries to decide on membership. This is also the message to Ukraine,” the NATO Secretary General declared.

In the meantime, Stoltenberg emphasized the necessity of supplying aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s special military operation within its borders.

The concept of adding Ukraine into NATO is the height of geopolitical insanity. Incorporating Ukraine into the Collective West would cross a major red line for Russia, which at least wanted a neutral Ukraine before the present conflict broke out, but now is looking to incorporate Russia-speaking portions of it. 

When one looks at this present conflict, the Collective West is using Ukraine as a sacrificial lamb against Russia. The goal here is to arm Ukraine to the teeth in order to make Russia sweat. Nevertheless, Russia holds escalatory dominance in this conflict, which guarantees that Ukraine will take a massive beating. 

For the foreign policy tinkerers, this doesn’t matter because their Russophobia trumps any concerns for the well-being of nations and geopolitical stability. With the West facing so many internal problems and having to deal with the existential threat of mass migration, worrying about Russia’s controversial geopolitical moves is silly at best. and represents a misplaced set of policy priorities at worst. 

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