NBA Player Lebron James Accuses Kyle Rittenhouse of Faking Tears During Court Testimony

NBA player LeBron James posted a tweet accusing Kyle Rittenhouse of faking tears while giving testimony during his ongoing murder trial on Wednesday night.

The tweet can be seen here:

The supremely entitled athlete with a double-digit IQ has interjected himself into political discussions often in recent years, and this may not even be his most ignorant statement to date. James has embarrassed himself frequently due to his complete and utter lack of cognitive ability.

Big League Politics has reported on James attacking law enforcement and defending criminals, which caused him to be pilloried by the National Fraternal Order of Police:

NBA star Lebron James is under attack from law enforcement after publishing an incredibly low IQ tweet demonizing a police officer who saved a woman from a knife attack.

The National Fraternal Order of Police slammed James for a since-deleted tweet in which he told a digital lynch mob of soulless leftists to attack this hero cop because he shot a knife attacker dead before she could kill others.

In addition to James, the White House is also repeating this anti-white blood libel and fanning the flames of hatred at a time when the Republic is hanging by a thread.

“She was a child,” the White House wrote in a statement about the shooting released on Wednesday. “We know that police violence disproportionately impacts Black and Latino people and communities and that black women and girls, like black men and boys, experience higher rates of police violence.”

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther admitted the the cop was correct in using lethal force after reviewing police body camera footage.

“We know based on this footage the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community,” he said to reporters.”

To be fair to James, it is widely suspected that he cannot even read so his inability to understand basic issues should be expected:

James is a sorry example of racism and narcissism run amok. He is the ultimate example of privilege, being paid hundreds of millions of dollars to throw a ball around when he would otherwise be equipped to flip fries, and still harboring a grudge against the country that he owes so much.

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