NBC Claims Covington Catholic Community Disparaged Jews, Provides No Evidence

Fake news NBC was back at it again Wednesday, sliming the boys from Covington Catholic High School, despite the fact that video evidence has long vindicated the boys from any wrongdoing.

While most cable “news” networks have backed away slowly from this controversy, NBC is still charging ahead at full steam. This time, at least, they attacked an adult instead of children, calling a chaperone “racist” for comments about the event.

“A chaperone who was present during the situation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial said, ‘Our boys were set up for this event,'” NBC said. “Sadly, this species of messaging relies on the old racist thinking that a cabal of Jews run the media, banking and, with those two things in hand, the world but, in 2019, resorting to such dog-whistling stereotypes is only a problem when people on the left do it.”

Slow down, NBC!

The Covington Catholic chaperone was interviewed by USAToday, and there was nothing racially charged about his comments. Leave it to NBC to invoke racism where it so clearly does not exist.

The newest slime is a perfect metaphor for the entire controversy, which was manufactured by the left-wing press. NBC took the chaperone’s quote out-of-context. He was not claiming that there was some grand conspiracy by the press. Rather, he was clearly referring to phony “Vietnam Veteran” Nathan Phillips, a bona fide leftist activist, who approached those boys with a group of hoodlums, cameras rolling, ready for a showdown.

Regardless, what transpired next was total media malfeasance. In an attempt to smear those boys as “racists” the media played a 20 second clip of the interaction, showed the boys chanting and Nick Sandmann smirking, and failed to provide any context from the hours-long video of the full encounter. This is where the metaphor comes full-circle. Once again, NBC is inventing “racism,” where it doesn’t exist.

The rest of the latest NBC smear job, is, for lack of a better term, a dumpster fire.

“Let’s get one thing straight first: No one in the viral MAGA-hat confrontation video is an angel, not the foul-mouthed Black Israelites, the chanting, testosterone-and-anti-abortion-rhetoric-fueled MAGA kids, not the old man with the drum,” the piece said.

Under the guise of being “fair,” NBC still managed to disparage the boys. The Black Israelites, a fringe black supremacist group, called those boys “inbred f*ggots,” among other horrible slurs for over an hour before the confrontation. The “old man with the drum,” portrayed as a victim because he’s elderly, approached Sandmann and banged that drum in his face with the intention to provoke. But what was the crime of Covington boys? Well first, they are “testosterone-fueled,” or in other words, boys. Second, they are pro-life. According to NBC, not sharing the same political beliefs as the leftist media automatically puts them in the wrong. Finally – and perhaps their greatest sin of all – the boys support President Donald J. Trump. Once again, their political views make them bad people, or is at least proof that they are “not angels” according to NBC.

What was their actual crime during the encounter? The answer is this: there isn’t one. Despite what NBC will have you believe, standing-while-white is not grounds for the hellfire unleashed against those innocent boys.

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