Nebraska Legislation Would Prohibit University Diversity Pledges

Nebraska State Senator Dave Murman recently introduced Legislative Bill 1330 which would ban universities from requiring employees to participate in “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs or sign contracts mandating support for it. On top of that, it would prohibit spending tax dollars on DEI programs.

“DEI must die,” Murman said about the Left’s latest anti-white fixation. DEI “naturally creates a culture of divisiveness” and in order “to create a more united culture, DEI must die,” Murman said to The College Fix through email correspondence.

He proclaimed that the idea of granting “preferential treatment to certain people based on the color of their skin” also violates his moral principles “as a follower of Christ.”

“DEI tells us if you are this race, gender, or sexuality, you are either an oppressor or oppressed,” Murman added.

His bill very much mirrors legislation that is already being carried out  in Texas and Florida, and other states such as Kentucky and Alabama are flirting with passing such legislation.

The bill is currently being debated  in the Senate Committee of Higher Education.

Republican state legislatures must recognize the power of using state action to impose the or cultural will on the Left. For too long, Republicans have had a live and let life mindset with respect to governance that has let the Left accumulate too much power at Republican’s expense.

Now is the time to put our feet down and say “no” to the Left’s encroachments on our lives and civil liberties.

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